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What NOT To Do With Your Engagement Photos

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What Not To Do With Your Engagement Photos

You’ve taken your engagement photos and they couldn’t be more perfect! There are a lot of ways to utilize your engagement photos, like save the dates, but there are also plenty of ways to use them incorrectly. Make sure to value these precious photographs and avoid these engagement photos faux pas. Here’s a list of what NOT to do with your engagement photos.

Apply a Filter

Share that beautiful engagement photo on Instagram but don’t you dare put a filter on it! Your photographer not only takes your photos but they also work very hard to edit your photographs with thoughtfulness. It’s like buying artwork from a painter, going home, and painting over it- it’s taking away from their work. Save filters for those selfies but keep them far away from your engagement photos.

Screenshot or Right-Click-Save then Post

Most photographers give couples access to their engagement photos through an online gallery and with these galleries you are able to download your photographs. A huge no-no is taking a screen shot of your photo and uploading that screen shot to social media. The same goes for “right-click and save”. When you do this, you save a poor quality version of your photos. Seeing a pixelated photo taken by a professional, on social media is just the worst. Always save the images in their full-resolution. Share them the way they’re meant to be seen!

Forget to Credit Your Photographer

Your photographer works hard to capture and edit these photos for you and they deserve the credit. When you share your engagement photos via social media, find your photographers correct social media account or website, and be sure to credit them out of respect for their work. This is a great way to support their business and potentially help get them more clients by this small gesture.

Make It Your Profile Image In A Work Setting

Do you know the expression “kill two birds with one stone”? Don’t apply that to your engagement photos in a professional manner. If you are thinking of cropping your fiancĂ© out and setting that image as a Linkedin profile image or corporate photo- don’t. It may seem like a savvy thing to do but it says more negative things about you as a professional than you think. Keep your engagement photos out of the work place and take professional work photos another time.

Color-Correct When Printing

When printing your engagement photos, a local printer or online print shop might ask you if you want them “color corrected”. The answer is “no”. Your photographer edits your images to have a certain coloring, vibrancy, and overall signature look so you wouldn’t want your printer to make changes to those intentional decisions. In other words, color-correcting should already be done when working with a pro. Photos captured by amateurs or from cell phones are ones that typically need color correcting, since those are images that may need some additional attention.

Forget About Them

After you get married, your engagement photos will usually end up in the shadow of their wedding photo counterparts. Don’t make that mistake! Being fiancĂ©s is such a brief yet wonderful time in your relationship and your engagement photos are a great reminder of that. Don’t forget that blissful period. Get those photos printed, even though it may seem crazy in our modern times! Or do a #TBT with one once in awhile. If you’re looking for a good way to display them here are some unique ways to do that.


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